We aim at supporting the shipping industry through advice and management, ranging from specific studies to outsourced management or operation.

Our services include:

Consultancy | Technical management | Local support to shipowners

We support you with marine related topics, from operational & logistic studies, through to project & technical management.

We have the expertise to provide practical advice and support to individuals and corporations engaged in the marine business, helping them boost, advance and further their business positively. Together with customers like you, we will review specific matters and advice relating to the dos and don’ts that need to be monitored and taken care of.

We achieve this through listening, studying and analysing the issue of concern from the customer’s perspective, and with an eye to environmental impact and any other factors which could be detrimental to the situation.

We recently entered into a Technical Management Collaboration Agreement with overseas operators – our role being to support their operations in South East Asia. This is typical of what we can offer our customers.

We recognise that shipping might not be your core business, or that your company may not be of a size to have an in-house shipping department – just as we support that customer in South East Asia, we offer management for your operations and projects throughout New Zealand and overseas.

METCO will be your local partner and represent your interest or monitor a market for you. This fruitful collaboration makes METCO’s Group knowledge, network and resource available to third-parties who have no local presence.