Our Marine expertise finds its roots in the longstanding seagoing experience of our team members who previously served as first-class deck and engine officers. This has provided us with an understanding of shipping and cargo operations, across several types of vessels. This hands-on expertise is complemented by ship management and chartering leadership, sitting both sides of the negotiation table; as owner or charterer.

Above led to us acting as marine adviser for industrial corporates, providing advice and expertise for marine insurance related topics, chartering policies, condition surveys, logistic studies, and fleet optimisation and renewals. At the same time, we undertook surveys for H&M underwriters and P&I clubs for cargoes, commercial ships, fishing boats, large yachts and environmental.

Today, this has placed us in a position where we feel comfortable with all aspects of ships’ operation and trades. We don’t pretend to have seen it all, but we know we have enough in-house knowledge and experience to efficiently answer your queries.

Our expertise is complemented by a Lloyd’s Academy Certificate in Marine Surveying with accreditation on Large Yachts and Environmental.

As an independent Marine Surveyor, we get asked to perform a wide range of tasks, including examining ships’ or onboard conditions such as:

  • Fuel quantities and quality
  • Investigating accidents at sea, e.g. oil spillages or failure of machinery or structures, and
  • Preparing accident reports for insurance purposes.

We also carry out condition surveys or pre-purchase surveys to determine the fitness of a ship prior to a charter or acquisition. Our principals would typically be ship owners, operators, charterers, managers, brokers, insurers, or P&I clubs.

Our services include:

  • Condition, on-hire and off-hire
  • Pre-purchase
  • Hull and Machinery (H&M) condition and damage
  • P&I claims
  • Stevedore claims
  • Bunker survey

As a Cargo Surveyor, we would normally be appointed by a dry bulk or wet cargo owner. Our role is then to determine the actual cargo loaded onboard by draft surveys or other means. We also confirm that cargo-loading is performed according to current legislation and is within the vessel’s loadable limit. This is of interest to enable the spotting of shortages on high value commodities, and witness the loading/discharge operation, especially when cargoes are contamination sensitive.

Our activity extends to containerised and break-bulk cargoes, mainly for damages, quality assessment and shortages.

  • Draught survey dry and wet
  • Tanker and shore tanks
  • Container
  • Break-bulk

A shipping company’s environmental footprint is often misunderstood allowing it to become a hot topic in the media. Our specialised expertise in Environmental Surveys will assist you locally and represent your interests.

We are often dealing with fuel spillage for P&I Clubs, and occasionally complement ITOPF’s expertise.

  • Fuel spillage

Large yachts are a valuable and prestigious asset – they require specific attention during surveys.

While a large yacht may be very similar to a commercial boat, you wouldn’t expect her to be surveyed by a surveyor with experience only in black-boats. We understand this – we have large yachts in our DNA and have provided survey services around the world for new owners, insurance purposes, and after damage has occurred.

We also have experience in conducting the pre-race charter inspection of maxi-yachts prior to a number of prestigious regattas such as, Les voiles de Saint-Tropez. Our inspections typically include hull, machineries, toys and rig inspections.

We survey rigs onboard or un-stepped if full inspection is required. This can include NDT inspection of rig components and complete UTPA scan of composite masts, booms and poles.

  • Pre-purchase
  • Damage
  • Insurance
  • Rig inspection
  • Composite masts NDT scan